Holiday / Christmas Lighting - Professional Installation.

Christmas - Holiday Lighting work is billed time and materials.  We can purchase / provide wreaths, garlands, lights, extension cords, etc.  Due to the limited season we do not have time to estimate and we only perform work that is billed time and materials. 

Christmas / Holiday Lighting

Holiday Lighting / Year-round Architectural Lighting for your Home.
We have color filters and color changing LED Bulbs available to up-light your home in red, green, or the color of your choice.

Its quick and easy to to change from Holiday Lighting to standing lighting for year-round interest. You just remove the filters / change bulbs to warm white color for year-round lighting. (A lot easier than hanging lights along roof line each year! 

Range for typical traditional Christmas Lighting installation around a home $1,000-3,000.00

Budget for a 10 light architectural system like the picture below starts at $2,000-2500.00

Architectural Lighting can compliment holiday decorations.

Architectural Lighting can compliment holiday decorations.


Hourly rate of $50.00 / man hour.  We offer design, set-up / install of holiday lighting.  We also offer removal and storage of lighting.  This service is billed time and materials.  We can provide light fixtures or install homeowner provided lighting.  

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Enjoy Lighting Year Round

LED Fixtures will melt snow.  They can compliment holiday decorations and show off the decorating you do at night!


Up-lighting in Color

Picture this....your home, tree, or anything you want to light in any color you desire.  When holiday season is over we can change the lighting back to a preferable year-round warm white color. 

No putting up lights and taking back down.  Save that energy for garlands, wreaths, roping, etc.

Visit our Holiday Light Fixture Suppliers website to purchase lights and be inspired!!